I Struggled with Bacne for Years. Here’s How I Finally Cleared It Up.

From the time I started to have acne, I had just as many breakouts on my body as I did on my face. It wasn’t particularly chronic, which I was grateful for, but the sporadic nature of the breakouts always had me nervous. I thought I was slick by using my ultra-drying spot treatments or DIY solutions to avoid the inevitable, even when they didn’t specifically target the needs of my breakouts. When I first saw an acne-specific shower scrub on the drugstore shelf, I felt hopeful that a product existed to prevent and treat the acne that wouldn’t quit, only to have the spots on my back and chest balloon up the next day.

As a woman, the stress of handling acne is only compounded by the frustration, pain, and embarrassment of the placement of breakouts. Womanhood and femininity can feel so tied to how you look, what you wear, and how flawless (or not) your skin is. It began to feel like every time I mustered up the confidence to pick a low cut top for a night out or show my back in a dress, I could play connect-the-dots with each spot on my exposed skin. So, I resided myself to believing that I hated my back and needed to cover up my chest to ensure no unsightly spots or bumps would see the light of day. This left me sporting high neck prom dresses, long sleeve formal wear, and fully covered tops for nights out. I even have the awkward prom pictures to prove it. 

Recently, I started a new workout regimen, bringing me a newfound pride in my body and confidence in what I wear; however, this has brought on a new foe in my journey with body acne: boob sweat. There is nothing worse than enjoying a workout class (that you know you paid too much for) just to wince in discomfort and frustration as the first bead of sweat slides down your chest. In that moment, I know that by tomorrow, my chest will be irritated, red, and maybe even have a full blown breakout. So, do I quit halfway through? Do I lower my intensity even with the instructor yelling in my face? Not anymore.

I started using Back-Up Plan this summer and have finally found a way to both treat and prevent my body acne. Primarily, Back-Up Plan comes with me in my gym or pool bag. I towel off (bye-bye boob sweat) and spritz it on to ensure that tomorrow I am able to pick out whatever outfit I feel like—and not have to worry about a rogue breakout. During “that time of the month” or when my skin seems to be particularly sensitive or irritated, the Acne-Control Body Mist becomes a part of my nightly ritual, taking its place in the lineup along with my Cleansing Balm and Gentle Retinol Serum. Even when breakouts appear, they’re gone quickly, normally within 48 hours, after applying. 

Knowing I have Back-Up Plan as a part of my skincare arsenal makes me feel confident as I head into life's best and biggest moments. I recently got engaged wearing the cutest v-neck dress and, who knows, maybe I will finally ditch the high-neck dresses for good and try on a sweetheart neckline when shopping for my wedding dress.