How to Easily Shop For Your Skin Concerns Using Our Icon System

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand times more: Skincare can be confusing. Our handy icon system is just one of the ways we’re attempting to cut through the clutter so you can ensure you’re using the right formula and skincare ingredients for you (and if you aren’t even sure what you need just yet, our Skin Decoder is a great place to start). If you haven’t noticed the icons on your products’ packaging before—or you have and are simply not taking advantage of them—read on for a quick guide on what they mean and how to use them.

Whether your skin is perpetually dry or simply feeling a bit dehydrated, look out for the cactus icon when shopping Versed. These products are filled with moisture-retaining, re-hydrating ingredients like coconut water, hyaluronic acid, and aloe leaf juice that’ll smooth out rough, flaky texture and quench even the thirstiest skin. Try one of our favorites:

Cleanser: Gentle Cycle
Baby Cheeks

Serum: Moisture Maker
Moisturizer: Skin Soak

Acne-prone? Clogged pores? Try to spot the bullseye that signifies
skincare for acne-prone skin. You’ll find treatments for all types of pimples, gentle exfoliators, cleansers for oily skin, and basically anything and everything that’ll clear and calm stressed out complexions. Here are a few of our favorite Acne-Prone Skin products:

Face Wash: Keep the Peace 
Serum: Just Breathe
Spot Treatment: Acne Drying Treatment


Be on the lookout for the sun icon if you’ve got dark spots, acne scars, or simply want a glowier, more even complexion. These products are your go-to if
your skin is feeling lackluster and you want to brighten things up. You’ll find lots of vitamin C and AHA heroes here, like:


Face Mask: Doctor's Visit 

Moisturizer: Weekend Glow
Serum: Stroke of Brilliance
Eye Gel: Vacation Eyes

No matter if you’re starting to notice wrinkles and loss of firmness or are simply trying to prevent, prevent, prevent, you’ll find some of the biggest skin aging prevention all-stars—everything from
retinol to eye creams targeting crows feet (that’s you, Zero-G)—denoted with this hourglass icon. Even if you aren’t concerned with aging skin quite yet, you can still reap benefits like boosted collagen, a speedier skin cell turnover, and an overall youthful complexion by using skincare marked with the hourglass icon:

Serum: Press Restart
Treatment: The Shortcut 
Eye Cream: Zero-G


And finally, all skin types (with all kinds of concerns) will find something to love here. From everyday essentials—like basic face washes and daily sunscreen—to indulgent yet so necessary body and lip oils, play freely within this category. Hint: This is a great way to shop gifts for someone you love without knowing details about their complexion. May we suggest: 

Cleanser: Day Dissolve
Moisturizer: Dew Point
SPF: Guards Up

To browse from any of these categories, toggle over Shop by Concern on our site or look for the icons on our packaging in stores. And don’t be afraid to multi-task: Most of our products have more than one icon so you can tackle several concerns at once (because let’s be realacne and wrinkles are not mutually exclusive). In the meantime, shop some of our community-favorites below.