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Your Neck and Chest Deserve a Skincare Routine, Too. Here’s Why.

Whether you’re targeting dark circles or focusing on those pesky breakouts, we all have specific goals in mind when building a skincare regimen. But if you’re not including your neck and chest—or décolletage, as the French coined it—in the process, your skin is missing out. While this area is just as important as the rest of your face, it’s often overlooked. Read on for all the reasons to give your neck and chest some TLC and how to include it in your everyday routine. 

Why It’s Important

The skin on your neck and chest is very thin, which makes it more susceptible to damage than other areas of your body (ever notice how easy it is to get sunburned there?). On top of that, your neck and chest contain less sebaceous glands than your face does, meaning it produces less oil. And since dryness is one of the under-the-radar causes for fine lines and wrinkles, this explains why you may first notice signs of aging in your neck and chest.
Here’s something else to think about: If you’re exclusively using products on your face, your neck and chest are going to stick out. You wouldn’t want a brighter skin tone yet leave the rest of your body looking dull, right? Give these areas equal amounts of love to earn an overall even-toned complexion. 

How to Take Care of Your Neck and Chest

If you’re already wondering how to fit yet another step in your skincare routine: Don’t fret. Luckily, your neck and chest don’t require much more than what you are already doing for your face. Cleanse and exfoliate to remove dirt and bacteria in the shower like you do for the rest of your body. Then, treat this area using the same toners, serums, and peels you use on your face—specifically focusing on those products that hydrate (like our Baby Cheeks Hydrating Milk) and tackle aging (such as our On the Rise Firming Serum)—before sealing it all in with moisturizer.
But the most important step? Apply your SPF! Again, your neck and chest are extremely prone to sun damage, making sunscreen application—not just on your face— a must. If you’re planning on spending an extended amount of time outdoors, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat to give those areas some extra coverage. 

Can I Use My Facial Products on My Neck and Chest?

While you can opt for décolletage-specific products, it’s perfectly fine to use the same regimen for your face, neck, and chest. The only reason you may choose to differentiate between your products is if your skincare is meant to tackle oily skin. Because your neck and chest are on the drier side, you don’t want to strip those areas of any more moisture. When caring for these areas, look out for ingredients that boast hydrating and collagen-boosting qualities, like peptides and hyaluronic acid. Since your neck and chest may be more sensitive than your face, consider a switch if you notice any redness or irritation in these areas.