Women Aged 22 to 59 Told Us the Skincare Regimen That Never Fails Them

Few things are more exciting than finally meeting ‘the one’—as in, that one holy grail product that finally gives your skin the results you’ve been searching for. And if you’ve been lucky enough to nail an entire regimen that results in the complexion of your dreams, then you almost hope someone asks “what’s your secret?” so you get a chance to share the wealth.

We asked our community what skincare changed their skin for the better and our DMs were filled with advice from how to fade acne scars to preventing fine lines—all from women aged 22 to 59. Scroll as they walk you through a day (and night) at their vanity. 


Christina F., 22

Top Skin Concerns: Acne and Dryness
Go-To Products: Keep the Peace and Skin Soak

I wash with Keep the Peace, apply the Daily Brightening Solution (using the Reusable Cotton Pads), then follow up with Just Breathe serum. After the serum sinks in, I finish with the Rich Moisture Cream.

My acne scars have lightened and my cystic acne has gone away. Lately, I only have whiteheads near where my mask is worn—AKA maskne. Otherwise my face has completely cleared!

Iryna S., 25

Top Skin Concerns: Acne and Aging
Go-To Products: Dew Point

In the morning, I cleanse with a gel cleanser, tap on a vitamin C serum, then follow up with the Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream and SPF. As for my PM routine, I double cleanse, swipe on toner, then moisturize and apply an overnight mask.

With this routine, my skin is more moisturized, I have less acne breakouts, and I don’t have dry, flaky patches anymore. 


Ariké R., 38

Top Skin Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, and Aging
Go-To Products: Vacation Eyes and Just Breathe 

I start with the
Acne-Calming Cream Cleanser, then follow up with a Clarifying Serum and a Brightening Eye Gel.  I then top it off using a lotion for eczema. 

My skin has a lot less redness and irritation and seems hydrated—even before I put on my moisturizer.

Jessica M., 37

Top Skin Concerns: Dullness and Aging
Go-To Products: Found the Light, The Shortcut, Press Restart, Weekend Glow

In the mornings, I wash my face with a Gel Cleanser, swipe on the Daily Brightening Solution, moisturize and brighten using Dew Point with a dash of Vitamin C Powder, then seal it all in with sunscreen. At night, I either use a Gentle Retinol Serum or an Overnight Facial.

I have melasma on my upper lip and it has started to fade since incorporating brightening products in my routine.


Tiffany M., 41

Top Skin Concerns: Oiliness, Dryness, Dullness
Go-To Products: Vacation Eyes

I cleanse my face with a facial wipe, then use an astringent made with witch hazel and rose. I follow that by using the Vacation Eyes Brightening Eye Gel and lastly, moisturize. 


Shannon T., 59

Top Skin Concerns: Dullness, Aging
Go-To Products: Day Dissolve, Baby Cheeks, Weekend Glow, Dew Point, Skin Soak….everything!

I double cleanse with Day Dissolve and Wash It Out. Then, I use Baby Cheeks, a serum and/or retinol, then a moisturizer. Once a week, I’ll apply The Shortcut Overnight Facial.

My skin is so happy! Pores are minimized, tone is even, and my skin is no longer dehydrated.

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