Where Can I Get the Versed Bubble Headband?

From routine lineups to bare-faced selfies, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our community rep their favorite Versed products (we aren’t kidding—tag us on Instagram, send a DM...we love to see it!)

And because we are constantly cooking up new formulas, products, and other exciting initiatives for our Versed fam, you may notice some special merch—like our iconic skincare headband—in your feed that aren’t on our site. 

While these kinds of items aren’t available to purchase at the moment, they may be in the future! The best way to get your hands on the Versed bubble headband or other limited edition merch? Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when these hit our website. Or, if you're a member of our rewards program, stack up points and redeem the Good Hair Day Black Headband as your gift.

Don’t sleep on it… our limited edition headbands never stay in stock long. But, these aren’t the only Versed items that are in high demand. Shop our new arrivals below.