SPF Statement

You, our community, are who we are and why we're here.

We've been actively listening to your feedback regarding graininess and, in rare cases, irritation when using our Guards Up SPF. We have launched an in-depth investigation, including new third-party testing, as well as quality and process audits on each batch produced.

All product tested did perform to SPF 35 standards, however we have identified certain batches that do not meet our high expectations for texture and experience. The product experience of these batches runs counter to the mission behind Guards Up SPF—to create a 100% mineral, reef-safe sunscreen you actually want to wear—which was developed with the input of over 2,000 of you.

To address this issue in full, we're working with our third-party manufacturer and an independent chemist to implement stricter protocols and testing on every batch.

Across VersedSkin.com and our retail partners we will be offering full refunds for Guards Up SPF and are no longer selling specific batch codes of product. If you are currently using a Guards Up SPF without experiencing any issues, you're welcome to continue doing so.

The trust of you, our community, is the most valuable thing we have. To our community members who reached out with feedback, we thank you for holding us accountable to our values. To all community members, we thank you for being a part of our mission to make clean skincare for everyone and will continue to work to earn your support with each decision we make.

Guards Up SPF Product Returns

If you purchased from VersedSkin.com:

We will be providing full refunds in the form of payment received. To start a return, reach out to Team Versed at [email protected] Please include your order number, reason for return, and batch code, which can be found stamped into the crimp at the top of the tube.

If you purchased from one of our retail partners:

Our retail partners will be offering full refunds for returned Guards Up SPF with proof of purchase. Please use the return instructions on their website or return it to one of their stores.