Our Impact

Everything we do has an impact. For our community, for our industry, and for our generations to come. Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, here's how we're working to take responsibility for ours.

    Climate Action

    Measurement and disclosure of each product’s individual climate footprint provides transparency into where we are—and where we need to go.

    Carbon insetting focuses on reducing our emissions from the inside out, via incremental changes to operations, manufacturing, packaging, and more.

    CodeRed4Climate initiative leads our industry in advocating for critical policy reform from lawmakers.

    Waste Reduction

    Post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials pull plastic out of the waste stream. The average PCR content in our packaging is 42% by weight.

    Recycle Responsibly Program collects plastic beauty empties that aren’t accepted in curbside programs.

    Product refill pouches for daily use items create up to 83% less landfill waste by weight than the full-size bottle.

    Wildlife Protection

    Biodegradable formulas free from chemical sunscreen, microbeads, and other potentially harmful ingredients help protect marine life and preserve our oceans’ ecosystems.

    FSC-certified paper packaging reduces our impact on deforestation.

    Vegan, ethically-sourced ingredients and Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free formulas prevent animal endangerment.

    Social Inclusion

    Comprehensive Good Manufacturing Practices ensure fair wages and safe working conditions across our supply chain.

    Partnerships with environmental justice organizations help root our programs in equity and justice, supporting healthy futures for everyone.

    Mentorship initiatives centered on BIPOC and unamplified voices drive social inclusion, an integral part of lasting sustainability.


We don't call ourselves "sustainable." Learn our five principles for having honest and upfront conversations about our environmental impact.

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