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How Does Our Gentle Retinol Body Lotion Work?

Since its launch in 2019, Press Restart has quickly climbed its way onto our community’s shelves...and it hasn’t left since. A best-selling serum made with encapsulated retinol, users consistently report on its visible results, from improved skin texture to fewer acne breakouts to less visible fine lines. We loved hearing how much you loved it, so we thought: why not make retinol for the body, too? 

And so, two years later, Press Restart Gentle Retinol Body Lotion was born. We know you have questions, like how to use it and when, so read our complete guide below. Don’t see your question? Email us.


Q: Is it pregnancy-safe?
A: Retinol is on the pregnancy no-list so if you’re expecting (or nursing) we don’t recommend using our Retinol Body Lotion. Try our Keep It Supple Body Oil instead, which is mom-to-be approved and leaves growing bellies soft and smooth.

Q: What skin type is this meant for?
A: Nearly all skin can use it, but it is especially beneficial for dry, aging, acne-prone, and dull skin (including dark spots). Retinol also has benefits for keratosis pilaris and psoriasis. And it’s a-okay for sensitive skin, too. Just don’t use on broken skin and if you are extra sensitive, you know what to do: patch test.


Q: What are the ingredients?
A: The star of the show, of course, is one of the most dermatologist-recommended ingredients out there: retinol. The retinol blend is in our lotion at 0.10%. Retinol speeds up skin’s cellular turnover rate (which is about 28 days for the average adult, but slows to 45-60 days as we grow older) to help shed dead skin cells and deliver firmer, healthier skin that bounces back. Our retinol is also encapsulated, meaning it’s non-irritating as it bypasses skin’s surface but just as effective. 
What Is Encapsulated Retinol?

We also include 2.5% cocoa butter and 1.0% squalane (yes, the same one in our Rich Moisture Cream), two ingredients that lock in moisture and nourish ultra-dry skin. For antioxidant protection and an improved moisture barrier, you’ll get a touch of vitamin E, too.

Q: How long until I see results?
A: If your primary focus is dryness and bumpy texture, you’ll notice softer, smoother skin immediately with results continuing to improve over time. Hyperpigmentation and signs of aging, such as firmness and fine lines, can take a bit longer. With consistent use, you should see improvement in those areas within 6-12 weeks. Just don’t forget to protect your skin (UV rays are a major cause of premature aging and hyperpigmentation) by wearing sunscreen daily.

Q: Will this help with my body acne?
A: Retinol helps unclog pores and repair the skin, so it can heal existing pimples and the discoloration they leave behind (that’s that cell turnover rate part). To prevent and treat breakouts, we recommend our Back-Up Plan Acne-Control Body Mist. Its 360-degree spray, formulated with 2% salicylic acid, makes it easy to target hard-to-reach areas, like bacne

Q: Will this help with stretch marks or cellulite?
A: Although cellulite and stretch marks are so common, there is no scientifically-proven topical treatment for either. Ample moisturization can help reduce their appearances, however, so these concerns may benefit from the lotion. 

Q: Can I use it to treat keratosis pilaris or ingrown hairs?
A: It may. Both of these skin concerns involve clogged pores which, as we mentioned, retinol helps treat. If you’re experiencing ‘chicken skin’ or ingrown hairs, pair it with an exfoliator, like our AHA Exfoliating Body Scrub.


Q: Can I use it alongside AHAs, BHAs, or vitamin C? 
A: To avoid any irritation or redness, we don’t recommend using these active ingredients within the same routine. Apply them on alternate days instead. 

Q: Is it safe to use during the daytime?
A: You can, but because retinol becomes less effective when exposed to UV rays, always follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and keep exposed areas out of direct sunlight.

Q: Can I use it every day?
A: Because our Retinol Body Lotion uses encapsulated retinol, which sends the active deep down beneath the skin’s surface, it is gentle enough to use nightly. In fact, we recommend it. The more consistent application, the better the results. Stick to once daily, though—you don’t want to overdo it.

Q: Is it okay to apply on the face?
A: We don’t suggest it. The skin on our body is much thicker and drier than our face. Stick to Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum and apply our Retinol Body Lotion anywhere from the neck down. If you have a skin condition, check with your doctor first before applying to inflamed areas.