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Our Art Director Shares the Routine That Brightened Her Dark Spots

If we’re getting technical, our Art Director Cate has a few jobs. Not only does she head up the Versed Creative Team (you know, the one that brings our dreamy, PCR packaging to life and gives all our science-filled visuals an easy-to-understand flourish), but she’s also a mom of two…working from home…during a pandemic. It’s unsurprising that she doesn’t have much free time on her hands—especially for herself—but when it comes to her acne, dark spots, and preventing inevitable signs of aging skin, she’s found a way to nail down a skincare routine that doesn’t take up too much of her time. Whether you deal with hyperpigmentation or are looking for a quick-and-easy routine you can do on a time crunch, read on for Cate’s go-to AM and PM routine.

Cate’s Morning Routine:

“I run around so much in the mornings with the kids so skincare is minimal. I like to use Wash It Out to start the day, followed by a moisturizer—usually Dew Point.” Cate’s adorable daughter is a fan too (see below). 

“For sunscreen, I either use Guards Up or Chantecaille Ultra”. When it comes to hyperpigmentation, ample sun protection is key. Sun damage is one of the #1 causes for dark spots and lingering acne scars.

But don’t forget exfoliation—that’s what helps lift up those dead, dark skin cells to reveal the fresh, bright complexion underneath. “Since we’ve been WFH I’ll sometimes do a mid-day treatment like exfoliate and/or mask. I love our Day Maker Microcrystal Exfoliator and Youth to the People’s Yerba Mate”.

Cate’s Nighttime Routine:

For the evenings, I love our Cleansing Balm. It’s my go-to. After that, I like to use Weekend Glow followed by Just Breathe and then Stroke of Brilliance”. Our Daily Brightening Solution uses a blend of AHAs and vitamin C to exfoliate and brighten—without any sting or tingle—while the two serums simultaneously target breakouts and post-acne marks. “I still have occasional breakouts but they are few and far between, and I can usually pinpoint the cause. I used to hide behind thick, full coverage foundation and was super self-conscious. I don’t wear foundation anymore, just some concealer in key areas”. 

To wrap that all up, she smoothes on the vitamin E-filled Rich Moisture Cream, which is another key ingredient for hyperpigmentation. It helps keep skin’s barrier intact and protects it from future damage. 

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