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Instant Gratification
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Instant Gratification

3-Blade Refill Pack

Use if you need some new blades for our At-Home Dermaplaning Tool.

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Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Pregnancy-Safe

A refill 3-pack blades for our At-Home Dermaplaning Tool, which delivers brighter, smoother skin in just one use. These stainless steel, single-edge dermaplaning blades provide the closest, safest exfoliation you can get outside an office and last for 4 uses. Use along with Instant Gratification At-Home Dermaplaning Tool—no batteries required—to remove dead skin cells and facial hair (which, no, won’t grow back thicker) seamlessly and painlessly. You’ll notice a more even-toned, softer complexion instantly and every other product in your regimen will work more effectively (including a more flawless, less splotchy makeup application).

Each blade lasts 4 uses, making each refill pack a 3-9 month supply, depending on how often you dermaplane.

BLADE CARE: Wipe the dermaplaning blade clean as you go and replace the safety cap after every use.

BLADE REPLACEMENT: To replace it, press down on the flat back of the blade (with the safety cap on) to push it away from you. Leave the cap on your new blade and slide it into the groove until you hear a click.

3 DERMAPLANING BLADES stainless steel

While the handle for our At-Home Dermplaning Tool is reusable, the dermaplaning blades should be replaced after 4 uses. Replace the safety cap, remove the blade, and toss in the trash.
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