Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm

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Hydrating non-greasy formula

VITAMIN E conditions and provides antioxidant benefits

JOJOBA OIL treats dryness

AVOCADO OIL moisturizes and nourishes

EUCALYPTUS OIL purifies and soothes

CLOVE LEAF OIL calms the skin

Ditch single-use cleansing wipes.

1. Massage a dime-size amount into dry skin.

2. Wet fingertips and continue to massage into skin.The balm will transform into a light milky cleanser

3. Rinse and gently pat dry

4. Follow up with our Antioxidant Cleanser to whisks away remaining traces of the day without stripping your skin’s moisture barrier. Y

Versed | Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm
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Day Dissolve

Cleansing Balm
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Use if you want that makeup (and more) off but the moisture in.

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Packaging made from 75% recycled materials

Melt the day away...

“I haven’t used a makeup remover wipe in months thanks to this epic cleanser. It removes all the product on my face, including my mascara, and hydrates at the same time. Talk about a win, win.”

“Immediately after using it, I noticed how well it worked at removing makeup, including stubborn eye makeup. This cleansing balm genuinely melted it all off my face — no heavy scrubbing required — and in two minutes flat.”

“We're looking out for you when we say, "please step away from the single-use cleansing wipes." Our advice? Use a small dollop of Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm to melt away your toughest makeup without leaving your complexion looking raw and irritated.”