Get the Most Out of Your Toner With These 5 Hacks

Unlike cleansers and moisturizers, the benefits of adding a toner to your skincare routine aren't always so obvious. We wash our face to remove dirt and makeup and we alleviate dry skin by re-hydrating it, but what does toner actually do? Actually, a lot more than you may think.

On the most basic level, toner is a post-cleansing step in your skincare routine that catches any leftover makeup and residue, restores the skin’s pH levels, and replenishes skin. Depending on the type of toner you use, you may also find fringe benefits like smaller pores, reduced dark spots and acne marks, and a smoother, brighter looking complexion

But just because a product is made for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else. In fact, there are several unconventional ways you can incorporate this multi-faceted product into your regimen. Read on for 5 off-label uses for toner that you probably never thought of.

Exfoliate Your Lips 
Seeking a smoother pucker? Instead of up stocking up on lip masks or concocting your own DIY scrub, swipe toner over your lips to gently slough off dead skin cells. We recommend topping it off with moisture, like our Conditioning Lip Oil.

Use It as After-Shave
To prevent ingrown hairs or razor burn, try swiping an exfoliating, acid-based toner (like Weekend Glow) across your body post-shave. A toner’s cleansing and exfoliating properties will get rid of any dead skin and excess hair that can otherwise clog pores and cause irritation. 

Create De-Puffing Eye Masks
Curate a spa-level experience in your own bathroom by DIY-ing hydrating eye masks with a hydrating toner, like Baby Cheeks. Cut a cotton round in half and soak it with product, then leave under your eyes to re-hydrate skin and target dark circles. For an extra de-puffing effect, cool off your toner in the fridge before applying. 

Ensure Your Sunless Tan Is Even
No matter how diligent we are, self-tanners always run the risk of creating blotchy, uneven looking skin. Prior to application, swipe toner over “risky” areas like elbows and knees so tanner goes on more smoothly. If you spot post-tanning streaks, don’t panic. Use your toner to gently exfoliate problem areas and create a more natural looking bronze. 

Use It as a Refreshing Spritz
Freshen up your skin anytime, anywhere by creating your own facial mist. Grab a spray bottle and mix filtered water and toner in a 2:1 ratio. Keep at your desk or on-the-go for whenever you're feeling dry or are simply in need of a midday refresh.